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As of March 2020, all voice lessons and coaching, as well as energetic breathing classes are done online...

"Thanks to" the health restrictions imposed by the Covid situation, a new adventure began a year ago with my students and coaching clients... Online sessions! We adapt, and keep on ! Out of the question to let down my singers !

It was very important for me though, to maintain the same quality level as the in-person sessions while operating such a considerable shift.

Challenge met: not only did the lessons not lose any of their quality, but on the contrary, surprisingly, they gained in depth, density, and finesse of perception from the students.

The benefits of distance learning

Students appreciate :

  • Saving time and energy (no need for them to travel to the vocal studio in Neuchâtel or Jura. No delays due to transportation or parking problems)

  • The conveniency of being able to take a lesson from the comfort of their home

  • My flexibility: it is easier for me to reschedule a lesson in case a student is unable to attend as I am not limited by long distance travel time to my studios.

  • The possibility for them to take their lesson even if they are away or have moved far from the studio (as long as they have internet access of course)

VoxPower teaching is now permanently available online

As this system allows those who live far from the voice studio, abroad or in remote areas without a voice teacher nearby, to take quality lessons, I have decided to continue offering this possibility from now on.

Coaching for your recording projects (including diction correction for French speakers singing in English) is also possible online.

For coaching, rates are based on estimates, after discussion with you to determine your needs.

New in 2021

The 1st session is FREE for all new registrations to an online course!

This session also allows you to get familiar with the system of lessons by Skype, to solve possible technical problems, to make a "diagnosis" of your voice and get a first lesson.

If you choose the " 4 lessons trial " formula. You will receive an additional free session. The trial package allows you to decide if my teaching is right for you before you sign up for a whole semester. In the meantime receiving tons of precious information either you chose to continue or not.

For the online courses, you will need

  • A desktop or laptop computer

  • A good internet connection

  • A Skype account (it's free)

  • A room where you can have privacy, with enough space to be able to back up from the screen to sing or do standing exercises

  • Headphones for a better listening and concentration experience. It is not mandatory but recommended because the headphones will allow you to isolate yourself from the surrounding noise.

  • Front lighting (not behind you) so that I can see you properly

Following your registration, we make an appointment for your first private session, you give me your Skype address and I call you at the agreed time.

It is still possible to take

IN-PERSON LESSONS in Switzerland

at the Jura studio on Friday

I invite you to visit the site for more information on the different courses offered.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions

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